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» SpearMail offers complete corporate messaging solution out of the box.

» Employees can have e-mail addresses of the type (Eg:

» Users can send and receive mail from their desktop even when not connected to Internet

» Local Intranet e-mails can be setup at no-cost

» Supports popular mail clients like Outlook and Outlook Express

» Users can use features like Auto forward, Auto-responder, Mail Archival

» Protection from unsolicited e-mail - The Anti Spam Feature

» Mail Approval - You can configure SpearMail such that mail from specific users are    authorized before they are sent out.

» Installation, configuration and administration is a breeze – It has the most simple and    intuitive interface

» Supports Attachment Filtering too

» Supports Multiple Domains and Mail collection from multiple remote POP3/IMAP4 mailboxes

» Supports SMTP Authentication and Alternate Mail Routing

» Built-in Backup Restore Facility

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